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French-Armenian doctors carry out healthcare project of in their homeland

The union of French-Armenian doctors implemented the “Glasses for Armenia” charity healthcare project in Shirak region with the support of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE bank. This year UMAF doctors implemented their activities in 32 communities of Shirak region. In the frameworks of the first step of the project around 6000 children were examined, and 450 of them turned out to have problems with vision.

The leader of the 9-member-group of French-Armenian doctors Levon Artinyan mentioned in his speech: “It has already been 15 years since we started coming to Armenia and implementing the “Glasses for Armenia” project. The equipment we brought with us was provided by our Japanese partners, and we bought the glass, frames with the founding of French-Armenian community. And what is more important, Armenian companies has been supporting the charity project during the last two years. We are very happy that ACBA helps us, and is our first sponsor in Armenia and our long-term friend. It is very significant for us that especially Armenian companies support these projects, as we don’t want to come here and say we know everything, that we can implement a successful project alone, we need the help of the Armenians in Armenia”.

The group lead by Antinyan provides 500 glasses a year on average to not only the children, but also elderly people.

Find the full video here.

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