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New opportunity for ACBA ON-LINE users

ACBA-CREDIT AGRIKOLE BANK is pleased to announce that now ACBA ON-LINE system is replenishedwith a new feature.

Transfers from card accounts

From now on all ACBA ON-LINE users have an opportunity to make transfers from their card accounts.

ACBA ON-LINE service gives you opportunities to:

  • Make periodical transfers and utility payments
  • Manage your bank accounts
  • Make foreign currency conversions
  • Get credit lines with deposit collateral and consumer loans,
  • Make partial or complete loan, commercial credit line and overdraft repayments
  • Open current accounts,
  • Reopen current accounts
  • Open deposit accounts,
  • Add deposit funds,
  • Close deposit accounts etc.
  • In addition, make outgoing transactions from card accounts.

For more details regarding ACBA ON-LINE service click here - ACBA ON-LINE system

Thus, Individuals make 5000 AMD one-time payment (3000 AMD monthly payments for Legal entities) and receive an opportunity to manage their accounts and make payment transactions just using their computers from any point in the world without visiting the Bank.

Tariff advantages for ACBA ON-LINE users

  • Transfers by Bank_Mail system in AMD in the territory of RA via ACBA ON-LINE are FREE OF CHARGE
  • In case of deposit account opening via «ACBA ON-LINE» system the interest rate is 0.1% higher
Account reopening via ACBA ON-LINE is FREE OF CHARGE
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