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Special Offer for All Football Fans

Starting from March 9, 2015 the first 1000 customers, obtaining MasterCard UEFA Champions League cards of the Bank will also receive presents with the logo of MasterCard and UEFA Champions League – backpacks, wallets, T-shirts and 4GB flash memory cards.

MasterCard UEFA Champions League card is a practical tool to make payment and cash transactions on the territory of Armenia and abroad. Upon the customer’s request, the Bank may also provide a credit line to the customer, with 18-24 annual interest rate.

The rewarding of cardholders is not limited with the specified advantages, as making payments with MasterCard UEFA Champions League cards, the Cardholders have a unique opportunity to choose and receive different gifts with football symbols from the website www.uefa.com in the size of 1% of the performed payments.

The cardholders of the active ArCa Classic, ArCa Credit, ACBA Transfer, Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Student or Visa Gold cards of the Bank also have the opportunity to use all specified advantages by attaching MasterCard UEFA Champions League card to their active cards.
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