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"ArCa MIR" Card, 2 cards in one from ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, being one of the first partners of the Russian payment system MIR in Armenia, announces the launch of the new ArCa-MIR chip card. The card will operate as an ArCa card in the territory of the Republic of Armenia and as a MIR card in the Russian Federation.

The new "ArCa-MIR" card will allow to make transactions in the territory of the Russian Federation with more affordable terms, as well as use it in the 24/7 for "urgent" money transfer. Specifically: from now on, at any time of the day you can enter money on the card from Russia via cash-in ATMs, that provide MIR payment system cards and receive it in Armenia within minutes or vice versa.

Round-the-clock transfers are made possible by ordering ArCA-MIR principal card with linked cards, in which case the card account number is the same. The person who transfers the money can enter the money to his/her card in Russia and the recipient can cash it out in Armenia using his/her linked card.

It is noteworthy that "ArCa-MIR" cards will be provided to customers without service fee for the first year, which will give a good opportunity to try out the advantages of the card with no additional expenses.

One of the peculiarities of the new card is the exchange rate applied to the payment card for card transactions within the MIR payment system service network and ATMs, if the transaction was done in the currency different from the card currency. Unlike other payment systems, in this case, the exchange rate is the rate of the transaction date, which helps the customers to be protected against abrupt changes in fluctuations of foreign exchange rates.

MIR cards are already served by ATMs of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank, and regarding the service of cards via POS terminals installed in trade and service centers cooperating with the Bank, the latter is already in the process of re-signing the existing contracts and activating MIR card service.

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