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More than AMD 239 million support to the Insurance Foundation of Servicemen
Still in October, 2020, Acba Bank launched a unique program directing 0.3% of each purchase made via the Mastercard, Visa, ArCa and AmEx cards issued by the bank to the Insurance Foundation of Servicemen at the expense of its profit.

Thanks to this program, as well as Acba financial group (Acba Bank, AGBA Leasing, Amundi-ACBA Asset Management) more than AMD 239 million have been transferred to the foundation.

Thus, Acba Bank is summarizing the program launched in cooperation with the Insurance Foundation of Servicemen, fostering the process of providing compensations to the foundation beneficiaries.

* The bank donated 0.3% of its profit from the payment operations made with its Visa Barerar card to Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.
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