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Become a member of Acba Business Club

Acba Bank is taking its long-standing business relationship with its partners to a new stage. The bank launched the Acba Business Club to develop entrepreneurship in Armenia, create business connections and expand opportunities for cooperation.

At the first meeting of the business club, more than 600 businessmen joined Acba Business Club to listen to each other, share experiences and make new connections. The special guest of the event, Davit Yan, the founder of the "ABBYY" company, who appeared in the list of 200 richest people of the Russian "Forbes" magazine in 2021, shared his own experience of successes and failures with Armenian businessmen. Davit Yan gave a speech for Armenian businessmen 'How to succeed in business: Purposefulness or Persistence?'

"It is wonderful that such a business club has been established in Armenia. The carriers of information and knowledge share it with each other, intelligence and wisdom unite in one community, people find connections by listening to one another, new ideas are born. As it is customary to say, we are now living in the "textbook of history". In recent weeks, humanity stepped over a seemingly impossible new frontier: ChatGPT technology appeared. We will record in a few years that the years 2022-2023 will remain revolutionary in the history of humanity and these changes are compared not with the creation of the Internet, but with the greater invention of writing. There are changes that need to be made in business now," said Davit Yan, the founder of "ABBYY" company and a member of "Band of Angels" investor group.

"At the launch of Acba Business Club, I would like to emphasize again that we are ready to continue cooperation with the business community, listen to their demands and develop the business environment together. From the beginning, we have considered our clients as partners, and even today I want to describe the businessmen who joined Acba Business Club with the word "partners", noted Hakob Andreasyan, CEO at Acba Bank OJSC.

“For us, Acba Business Club is a place where we can gather our like-minded people, listen and share ideas, and people can also establish business connections. We hope this platform will serve the business. We are convinced and confident that we will motivate people to share their experiences that will help small businesses become better. We will bring all this to life together,” said Arsen Melkonyan, deputy CEO (Business Operations) at Acba Bank OJSC.

"Acba Business Club is a community that will enable businesses to grow faster. The Business Club is equipped with tools that will enable businesses to become more experienced and knowledgeable," said Suren Hovhannisyan, head of SME and Corporate Business Products Planning and Management Division at Acba Bank OJSC.

By becoming a member of Acba Business Club, company executives will participate in many events, discussions, and listen to invited professional speakers. An environment is being created for the development of the Armenian business world.

Become a member of Acba Business Club

Acba Bank has also been providing free business courses for SMEs for ten years, helping them conduct business more competently and make the right decisions. You can get acquainted with upcoming courses and events, special offers of partners on the sme.acba.am website, which has been updated and supplemented with new tools and content, becoming a guide to the business world.

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