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Acba has been transferring its best experience and knowledge to business for ten years now

Acba Bank's free business courses for SMEs were not a business project, but a social responsibility. Together with like-minded people, we were wondering how we could be useful to the business community. This is the main idea of organizing and implementing free business courses for SMEs, which we brilliantly implement," says Arsen Melkonyan, deputy CEO (Business Operations) at Acba Bank OJSC.

Ten years ago, Acba Bank created a not-so-special initiative for financial organizations, the purpose of which is to transfer additional value to the bank's partners, customers, and later also to non-customers.

On the updated sme.acba.am platform of the bank's non-financial services, you can get acquainted with the schedule and activities of upcoming business courses for SMEs, as well as take advantage of a variety of educational materials and templates useful for business management.

In order to be more useful to businesses, Acba has launched a new initiative under the bank's Acba Business Partner sub-brand, AcbaBusinessClub, which aims to create a platform where businesses can give a new impetus to business development in Armenia, as well as create great opportunities for cooperation and new prospects for the benefit of the Armenian economy.

Become a member of Acba Business Club

Acba Bank is the first in the financial system of Armenia, which started the development of SMEs in 2013 and continues the series of free business courses.

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