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Schoolchildren competed in robotics

The 14th Armenian Championship "ArmRobotics 2022" brought together schoolchildren engaged in robotics of "Armat" engineering groups working in different regions of Armenia.

This year, the theme of the competition is agro-technologies: schoolchildren have created robots that water the soil, feed the animals, harvest the crops and ease the farmer's worries.

The partner of "ArmRobotics 2022" is Acba Bank, the leader in financing the agricultural sector in Armenia, which makes large-scale investments in various fields of smart agriculture.

"An important component is the preservation and development of engineering ideas, which in Armenia, perhaps, is best implemented on the "Armat" platforms. Today's problems that children solve are quite complex. It is important that there is a platform in Armenia where school-age children can engage in engineering solutions, creating robots and apply their thoughts. And one thing should be remembered that today's failure is another step towards success," said Narek Asatryan, head of Acba Bank's PR team.

"Agriculture provides employment for the largest part of our country. The introduction of technologies in agriculture is important for increasing efficiency. In the new generation, from this age, we generate that aspiration and motivation to solve problems for their family, neighbors and community," says Hayk Chobanyan, executive director of the Union of Advanced Technologies Enterprises (UATE).

"Armat" engineering laboratories were founded under the leadership of Karen Vardanyan, a devotee of the Armenian technology sector, the founder of the UATE. Now there are more than 600 "Armat" groups in Armenia, it is planned that by 2025, children will be able to engage in engineering work and study in another 700 schools as well.

Watch the video for more details.

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