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Acba Bank in Partnership with Visa launches first Tap to Phone innovative technology to Expand Digital Payments in Armenia
With the introduction of new technologies, Acba Bank continues to develop non-cash payments in Armenia as part of its digital transformation. Acba is the first in Armenia to present the Acba SoftPOS mobile application, based on Visa Tap to Phone technology, which enables to turn an Android-based smartphone with an NFC-enabled module into a POS terminal without additional equipment. This solution will help simplify the management of small and medium-sized, especially micro businesses and entrepreneurs to expand the network of receiving non-contact payments, adapt to digital, increase their customer base and minimize the cost of connecting to acquiring services.

"Acba SoftPOS application opens up new opportunities for non-cash payments for the development of new segments, in particular for restaurants, small shops, delivery services, as well as payment points at events. Acba SoftPOS turns a smartphone into a full-fledged POS terminal," says Artur Kartshikyan, Head of the Bank's Digital Business Department.

"We are proud to drive innovative payment solutions even further in partnership with Acba Bank. First time in Armenia, Acba Bank presents an innovative payment product – Soft POS, based on Visa Tap to Phone technology. We believe that Acba Soft POS will advance contactless payment experience across the country, supports business ecosystem development and the country’s digital, transformation goals.” Commented Diana Kiguradze, Visa Regional Manager for the Caucasus region.

In connection with the release of the Acba SoftPOS payment tool, Acba will carry out a campaign from October 12 to November 15, inclusive.
  • The first 150 organizations that activate the Acba SoftPOS payment tool will receive a Visa Business card free of charge (for the entire period of the card's validity),
  • Organizations that have made payment operations of AMD 1 million or more through Acba SoftPOS will receive a refund of the commissions charged by the Bank (no more than AMD 1 million for payment operations),
  • The first 50 organizations that make 100 or more transactions with AMD equivalent to 2500 USD through Acba SoftPOS will receive gift cards as prizes. In addition, five of these organizations will have a chance to win a laptop.
The campaign will be summarized by the bank by December 15, 2022.

Registration of Acba SoftPOS payment instrument receipt.

The Acba SoftPOS application is available only to legal entities and private entrepreneurs (POs). It can be downloaded from Google Play (for NFC-enabled smartphones running Android 8.1 or newer versions).

In the near future, Acba Bank will continue to present innovative, convenient solutions, contributing to the development of Armenia's economy.

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