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“I hope I will be able to walk”: Norayr Avagyan, participant of the battles in Shushi

Norayr Avagyan is a participant of the 44-day war; from the first days he volunteered and went to the front. Shushi battles were detrimental: there, he received a spinal wound. Norayr is now doing rehabilitation exercises at home with the MetaGait device.

The innovative exercise device of QaylTech Company helps restore mobility, creates an imitation of walking; through VR glasses and specially developed games, a person is transported to virtual reality, where it is possible to ski, run or walk.

Norayr gained access to MetaGait with the support of Acba bank.

“I want to walk so bad, to live for my dreams and goals for the future. When I train, I forget that I am not currently able to walk, and this is an important feature of MetaGait. I see my legs move, I get carried away with skiing and every now and then it seems that I feel the cold. I go down a ravine, there are stones in front of me, I turn left and right, it's very good for mobility. I feel more energetic when exercising, the important thing is that the brain does not forget that it has such a function. I hope that I will walk," says Norayr Avagyan.

"It was important for us that while working with people with disabilities, we should teach them the functions that they have lost. Now, when a disabled person stands on the device for at least half an hour every day, they will not develop a number of diseases. Through Acba bank, we were able to provide one of our boys with such a device. There's also a MetaGait app that shows the walking distance, and the time. The doctor is able to follow, writes down the changes," says Davit Arsenyan, founder of QaylTech company.

helps prevent more than 30 diseases caused by immobility. At the heart of MetaGait lies the idea of remote rehabilitation.

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More details in the video.

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