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Acba bank held a seminar for economic journalists: “Armenian securities market”

Acba bank held a seminar for economic journalists at the Union of Banks of Armenia.

The seminar on the topic "Securities Market of Armenia" was conducted by Deputy CEO CFO of Acba Bank, Styopa Zakinyan and Narine Avalyan, Head of the Securities Operations Team.

The topics presented and discussed during the seminar referred to the current securities market in Armenia, the essence and types of securities, the characteristics of the securities market, types and participants, as well as investments in securities.

Acba bank is one of the leaders of the Armenian banking system, and the sole leader of the country’s agricultural financing sphere.

After the 2021 initial public offering (IPO), Acba bank has around 5,215 shareholders. Thanks to the implementation of the latest digital solutions, as well as the use of new technologies, the bank continuously develops the quantity and quality of the provided financial services.

Acba is represented in all the regions of Armenia, has 63 branches and is considered one of the biggest employers of the country and the financial system.

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