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Grand opening of the bust of Lord George Gordon Byron

At the ceremony the representatives of the British Embassy and British Council, management of the BANK, the author of the bust – the sculptor Hayk Tokmajyan, and others held speeches.

For this occasion, the poet's great grandson Lord Robin Byron has sent a message, which runs as follows:

“Of course, placing Lord Byron's bust in the downtown Yerevan in the street bearing his name is very enthusiastic. I first learned about his deep respect for the Armenians in 1988 when it was decided to name a repaired school in earthquake-hit Gyumri with the British assistance after Lord Byron. I congratulate all people, involved in this project, and send my best wishes to all Armenians. I am looking forward to seeing the bust during my next visit to Yerevan”.

The famous English writer, George Gordon Byron, was born in London 227 years ago on January 22 in an aristocratic family. Leaving for Venice in 1816 and living there for a while, he got acquainted with the Armenian religious and cultural figures of Mkhitaryan Unity, as well as he has learnt Armenian from the monks of the Unity. Byron has translated a number of religious and secular manuscripts from English into Armenian and from Armenian into English. He has also composed an English-Armenian dictionary.

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