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ACBA - CREDIT ACRICOLE BANK and American Express launch The ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK American Express® Cash Back Card

The ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK American Express® Cash Back Card is a new and

innovative product which offers Cardmembers financial control as well as the opportunity to earn

rewards in the form of cash back. The cash back feature makes every day purchases even more

rewarding by offering cash back on all purchases in Armenia, including a double cash back rate for

purchases at leading supermarkets.

This is the first American Express-branded Card in Armenia which you can get without credit line,

giving Cardmembers control their finances and enabling them to benefit from financial rewards

conveniently and easily.

New way to earn rewards:

The ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK American Express® CashBack Card offers up to 2%

cashback for everyday spending using the Card

• 1% cashback for all point of sale transactions made in Armenia

• 2% cashback for all transactions in a number of supermarkets in Yerevan and Regions of


Convenient way to gain financial control:

On opening the American Express Cashback Card, customers can choose a Card which offers

either pay in full functionality or the Card can be provided with overdraft functionality, depending on

customers financial

In addition, Cardmembers of the American Express Cashback Card also benefit from access to

American Express SelectsTM, an online platform where Cardmembers can choose from hundreds

of specially selected local and global offers.

Customers can also choose to have their cards in Armenia Dram, Euros or U.S. dollars denominations. The annual card fee is just 6000 AMD per year.

The ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK American Express Cash Back Card can be obtained at any office of the ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK and via on-line application at the sites www.americanexpress.am

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