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Terms of Transactions with Tokenized Cards

Payment with tokenized cards can be made in all the trade / service points where contactless POS-terminals are installed. Payment with tokenized cards are equivalent to physical card transactions.

  • The cardholder is responsible for the payments made with their tokenized card.
  • The procedure for appealing transactions with a tokenized card is the same as for transactions with a physically card.
  • In case of losing the mobile phone, it is necessary to contact the Bank immediately in order to block the Token.
  • If the card is blocked, it is not possible to tokenize the card.
  • In case of blocking the card, it is not possible to make a transaction with the tokens attached to that card.
  • In case of blocking of the token by the cardholder, the card is not blocked.

Learn more about the details of terms of card tokenization.

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