Card Usage Security Rules

Card Usage Security Rules

  • After receiving the card, sign on the relevant field on the back of the card,
  • keep in mind the PIN code and destroy the envelope, containing the PIN code, avoid keeping the PIN code together with the card,
  • avoid writing the PIN code on the card, in your mobile phone or computer and take all measures to keep it inaccessible for the third parties, do not provide the PIN code and the card to other persons, including Bank employees
  • take all the possible measures to make Your card information and PIN code inaccessible for other people,
  • when using ATMs or making payments with the POS terminals close the PIN code with Your hand while entering it to protect it from other persons and illegally video recording devices,
  • provide the secrecy of the password registered in the Bank, the password of the electronic address, the code checking the Card authenticity,
  • take into consideration that when withdrawing money from an ATM, after the third incorrect entry of the PIN, the card will be deactivated and it will be collected by the ATM.
In case of any inconsistencies between the published Armenian and English information, the Armenian version prevails.
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