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Execution of online operations

Online shopping allows you to make comfortable purchases from a wide range of online stores, which often offer more affordable prices than regular stores. In addition, there is simply no other way as to use a payment card for certain services.

You need to follow these tips when making online payments:

  • Use only sites whose URLs start with the abbreviation "https" or have a "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)" cryptographic protocol,
  • Ensure the confidentiality of your passwords,
  • Ensure the confidentiality of your card data,
  • Fill in your payment card details on websites only when making a purchase and in no case for any other purpose,
  • Do not ignore the "Terms and conditions" page of the online store,
  • Before making a payment, carefully read the terms of delivery of the given online store and return of goods. Check who will pay for the delivery of the goods and make sure that the purchased goods are subject to return under certain conditions (for example, in case of delivery of defective or incorrect product). Check whether the online store delivers goods to Armenia or not.
  • Check whether it is possible to make payments in the given online store with cards issued in Armenia.
  • Websites with 3D Secure technology allow you to identify the cardholder perfectly when making online payments on websites bearing the "Verified By Visa" logo, as each payment must be verified with a one-time code sent to the cardholder via SMS to the mobile phone number, the customer has registered with the Bank. Only by entering the correct code will it be possible to confirm the transaction with the card. With this method, card fraud becomes practically impossible.
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