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Transactions with cards abroad

Payment cards are not only convenient, but also a safe tool for the security of your money during trips. Unlike cash, losing a card does not mean losing money, as you can block your card with just one phone call and replace it very quickly.

Just do not forget to follow our tips.

1. Before a trip:

  • Check the expiry date of the card;
  • Make sure you have enough funds on your account;
  • Remember that there is a limit to the maximum amount of one payment with card, the maximum amount of daily cash withdrawal and the maximum number of daily cash withdrawals;
  • In order to avoid the rejection of the transaction due to exceeding the specified limits, increase the limits in advance, if the specified sizes do not satisfy you;
  • Write down your 16-digit card number and all the phone numbers (presented below) that you can call from abroad in case of loss or theft of your card.

2. During a trip:

  • Before using an ATM, make sure that your card details are not visible to people nearby;
  • In case of card seizure by an ATM, try to apply to the bank to which the ATM belongs. If the bank refuses to return the card by presenting an identification document, call ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, which will take care of returning the card to you;
  • When making a card payment before signing the receipt, make sure that the amount specified in the receipt corresponds to the amount of your transaction;
  • Keep card transaction receipts and upon return, compare them with the transactions in your statement.
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