Making card transactions abroad
Payment cards are not only a comfortable, but also a safe option for keeping Your monetary funds secure while traveling. Unlike cash funds, a card loss doesn’t mean loss of funds, as You can block the card only by one call and replace it in a short period of time.

Just do not forget to follow our tips:

1. Before you travel:

  • Check the expiry date of your card
  • Make sure you have sufficient funds on your account
  • Remember that limits are set for the amount of a single transaction, maximum amount of cash disbursed in one day, as well as maximum number of cash disbursement transactions in one day.
  • To avoid refused transactions as a result of exceeding these limits, increase them in advance,
  • Write down the 16-digit card number and the phone numbers (listed below) you will need to contact in case of loss or theft of your card abroad.

2. While traveling

  • Before using ATMs, make sure your card details are not visible to people nearby.
  • If the ATM withholds your card, contact the bank that owns the ATM directly. If the Bank refuses to return your card with your ID, contact ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK by phone, and the Bank will assure the return of your card to you.
  • When making payments with your card, before signing the transaction receipt, check that the recorded transaction amount corresponds to Your transaction sum.
  • Keep your copies of transaction receipts and compare them with your card account statements later

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