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Making card-to-card transfers and utility payments

Making card-to-card transfers and utility payments

You can make card-to-card transfers by registering a virtual card on www.arca.am website or with the help of ATMs. The card-to-crad transfers are done only between the cards serviced by the banks which are members of ArCa system. Commission fees defined by the Bank’s tariffs are charged for the card-to-card transfers.

Besides other transactions which can be made by the card, it is also possible to make utility payments. The Bank offers several options of using that service and all of them require no commission fee.

You can make Your utility payments:

Utility payments by using a periodic assignment

Every month on the day mentioned by You in advance the utility payments chosen by You will be automatically paid from the funds on Your card account or Your credit line funds.

Utility payments by the ATMs

To make utility payments with the help of the ATMs it is necessary to choose the “Additional services” section from the ATM menu, choose the “Utility payments” section from the screen and enter the necessary data for corresponding utility service.

Utility payments by registering a virtual card on www.arca.am

If You have activated a virtual card, You can make utility payments using Your virtual card account

It is worth mentioning that all the abovementioned options aim at making the process of utility payments easier` saving Your time.

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