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Contactless Payments



  • FAST

Contactless payments will take a few seconds.

  • EASY

There is no need to provide the card to the teller, insert it into the terminal, sign the receipt, and in case of payments up to AMD 10,000, also enter your PIN code.


Contactless payments have a reliable counterfeiting system, and as an additional security measure, you must enter your PIN code for payments exceeding 10,000 AMD. At the same time, contactless payment cards can be used for transactions using the card chip and magnetic stripe, as before.


If you still do not have American Express Gold, American Express Blue, American Express Cashback, Visa Gold, Visa Classic, Visa Բարերար, Visa Student, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard UEFA Champions League, Visa Signature cards of the Bank, you may order a new card with logotype directly on the website or visit the branch of the Bank, nearest to you.


  • Look for this symbolat the cashier’s desk making payment (the availability of the symbol assumes that at the given cashier’s desk, it is possible to make contactless payment).
  • Check the amount, subject to payment, on the terminal screen.
  • Approach the card to the terminal and wait for light and sound signals.
  • Your transaction will be approved within seconds

If you would like to receive your copy of the payment order, you need to inform the servicing employee of the trade point.

Frequenly asked questions

What is contactless payment?

Thanks to contactless payment technology, you simply make a transaction with just one move of your hand through all the terminals that serve contactless payments.

Transactions are carried out thanks to modern radio frequency technology, in which a coded signal is sent to the card service terminal via a radio chip card. With contactless payment option you do not need to enter a PIN code or sign a receipt when making payments up to 10,000 AMD or an equivalent foreign currency. To understand if your card has a contactless payment option, look for symbol on your card.

Which are the advantages of
contactless technology?

The payments are made fast and there is no need to enter the PIN code or sign the receipt.

Where is it possible to use the contactless cards?

The number of trade points, offering convenience of contactless payments is increasing day by day in the whole world, and today, contactless payment cards are being serviced in thousands of trade points worldwide.The presence of ogo at a trade point means that the given cards are serviced.

At the same time, you can also make chip or magnetic stripe transactions with contactless payment cards.

What to do, if a contactless payment is rejected in the trade and service point?

If the trade and service point the logo, but for some reason the contactless transaction is rejected, you can ask the servicing employee to use the card like a regular chip card.

How is it possible to receive a contactless payment card?

To obtain contactless payment cards, you shall visit any branch of the Bank and fill out an application on card order or visit the Bank's website www.acba.am and fill out an online card application form. Currently Visa, Master, American Express (excluding American Express) system cards, issued by the Bank, are issued as contactless payment cards

Is it possible to make a payment with a contactless card by accident, if it is in the pocket or wallet?

No, it is not possible because the cashier must enter the transaction amount to make a transaction with a given card, only after which you can approach the card to the terminal (keeping it at a maximum of 4 cm away from the terminal) to execute the transaction. Moreover, if the card is not approached for a few seconds, the transaction cannot be executed.

Are data protected from fraud when making contactless payments?

Transactions with contactless payment cards are as secure as transactions, made with chip cards, as a special security code is created during each transaction, making it impossible to re-use transaction data in the event of card theft or card duplication.

Moreover, contactless payments are even safer as the card is in your hands at the time of the transaction, which reduces the possible risks of stealing the card number or other data by other persons.

What to do, if a contactless payment card is stolen or lost?

In case of loss or theft of the card, you shall immediately call the bank's 24/7 call center at 010 31 88 99 or ArCa service center at 010 592 222 and block the card.Is it possible to make a transaction with a blocked card after card theft?

No, it is not possible, even without a contact, the transaction attempt will be rejected due to the card being blocked.

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