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USSD service

ACBA Bank offers its cardholders to activate the USSD service, through which the bank cardholders can use their mobile phones to:

  • receive statements covering the last 4 transactions
  • make urgent card block requests
  • check card balance.

The service is available for subscribers of all mobile operators. A maximum of 5 cards can be attached to each phone number (all customer cards issued by Armenian Card member banks are taken into account).

You can activate the USSD service by calling the 24-hour service center of ACBA Bank cardholders at 010 31 88 88 or visiting the bank branch and filling out the relevant application.

To use the service, you need to dial *116# on your mobile phone and follow the options offered by the USSD menu. After sending the request, the requested information or confirmation of the requested action (in case of urgent card blocking) is sent to the subscriber via SMS.

There is a fee of 10 AMD for each received SMS when using the mentioned service, and no charge is made from the cardholder by the mobile phone operator.

A detailed description of USSD service can be found here.

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