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Making card transactions

Cash, as well as non-cash transactions can be done by the cards issued by the Bank.

The transactions made by the card include:

  • payments made by the POS terminals,
  • payments made with card data presentation,
  • online payments for products, services and work via internet,
  • cash withdrawals from ATMs and cash points,
  • entering cash funds to the card by the ATMs,
  • card-to-card transfers or payments via www.arca.am internet website and ATMs,
  • other transactions not banned by the law or the Bank’s internal legal acts.

While making card transactions please remember:

  • It is necessary to make a transaction only in those merchants or those ATMs, where the logotype of the given card system is sticked,
  • The monetary funds entered to the card account can be used starting from at the latest by 18:00 on the following banking day,
  • If the Bank didn’t require certification (transaction competency check) for making the transaction, and the amount of the transaction has exceeded the account balance or the commission fee charged for the transaction exceeded the account balance, and a card account overspend may take place, towards which the Bank accumulates interest rates for using the credit line according to the Bank tariffs.
  • Before signing the card transaction receipt when making a payment, please make sure that the amount mentioned in the receipt corresponds to the amount of Your transaction.
  • It is recommended to keep the transaction receipts for at least three months after the transaction is made.
  • When making payments with your card, keep the card within your sight all the time.
  • If you decide to cancel your purchase, request that your payment be voided and keep the void receipt at least until receiving your next account statement, to make sure that the amount of the transaction has not been debited from your account.
The Bank limits the maximum sum and the number of the cash withdrawing transactions made by the card in one day, the maximum amount of the payment transactions made in one day, and exceeding those limitations can be a reason of transaction rejection. The limits can be changed in the amount defined by the Bank’s internal leagal acts in case of the cardholder’s application
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