Receipt of transfers via phone call and “ACBA ON-LINE” service (also, “ACBA Mobile application”)
Why you should use Money Transfer through Mobile Banking and “ACBA ON-LINE” services (also, “ACBA Mobile application”)?

You often get money transfers but you are short of time to visit the Bank. We offer You an express and modern way of getting Your transfer: receipt of money transfers through the call or “ACBA ON-LINE” service (also, “ACBA Mobile” application). You can get Your money transfer sent from abroad through Unistream, RIA Money Transfer, XPRESS MONEY, Converse Transfer systems by just calling 31 88 88 or signing in “ACBA ON-LINE” system (also, “ACBA Mobile application”).

“Receipt of fast money transfers via phone call“ service is available for all Bank's cardholders. You can also order the ACBA Transfer Card free of charge in order to make use of the service.

Unlike “Receiving money transfer through call” service, through “ACBA ON-LINE” service (also, "ACBA Mobile" application), as an advantage, you can receive transfers to your card, as well as to your current account of any currency.

* Attention: The terms of “Receipt of fast money transfers via phone call” service are not valid for MoneyGram system.
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