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With pledge agricultural loans
The Bank offers standard agricultural loans to individuals and legal entities engaged, or planning to be engaged, in agricultural production or processing. Standard agricultural loans are provided for agricultural long-term investments (e.g. planting of orchards, construction of greenhouses and cattle-houses, purchase of land and agricultural machinery, etc.), as well as short-term financing needs such as purchase of feed, seeds and fertilizers, increasing livestock, renovation and refurbishing of production facilities, cattle-houses and refrigerating equipment, etc.
Product's business card
Minimum amount
from 50,000 AMD
Nominal interest rate
AMD - 12.9-17.4%, USD - 13.2-15.2%, RUR - 14-20%, Euro - 10-12%
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Actual interest rate
AMD -14.08-21.20%, USD 14.40-18.59%, RUR - 17.8%-22.4%, EUR - 10.83-14,87%
Being provided`
individuals and legal entities
Duration of credit
6 - 84 months
One-time loan disbursement fee:
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