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Other risks occurred during card usage
  • Surcharge can occur due to the difference in currency exchange rates on the day of execution of a transaction in a currency, differing from the card account currency, and currency exchange rate on the day of processing of the transaction.
  • In case of non-payment of the surcharge amount, accrued interest on it and card account service fee at the request of the Bank, the Cardholder is obliged to pay a penalty to the Bank in the amount of 0.13% (zero point thirteen) accrued for each day of delay of non-payment of surcharge amount and interest amount.
  • Temporary suspension (blocking) of the card on the basis of a written or verbal application of the Cardholder does not mean termination of the Card, just as it does not terminate the card account maintenance fee.
  • If the Card is terminated upon the written request of the Cardholder, the prepaid Card Account service fee is not refundable.

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