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SMS-notification service

The bank offers its cardholders to activate the SMS notification service, which provides the following opportunities:

  • Within a few seconds after making a cash or payment transaction with the card, you will receive an SMS message about the transaction, which reflects the date, time, amount of the transaction, place, as well as, if desired, the balance of the card after the transaction.
  • In case of card account logins, you also receive SMS messages about card transfers with the appropriate processing.

SMS notification service is a very important security measure, as you are informed about all the transactions made with your card, so if you receive an SMS message of a suspicious transaction, you can immediately call the Bank or block the card.

You can get acquainted with the tariffs of the SMS notification service from the tariffs for provision and service of each card type posted on the website.

To activate the service, you need to visit the Bank and fill in the relevant application.

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