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Carrying out round-the-clock transfers via ACBA ONLINE system and ACBA Mobile mobile application

From now on it is possible to transfer from your current or card accounts serviced in ACBA BANK to your card account 24/7. This means that you can make the following transfers through the ACBA ONLINE and ACBA Mobile application even on non-working days and during non-working hours and freely manage your funds in real time:

  • Transfer from one card account to another
  • Transfer from current account to card account

2. Replenishment of accounts 24/7 through cash-in terminals

In addition to replenishing your card through ATMs (CASH-IN), if you top up your card accounts via Bank or EasyPay, Tellcell, Idram, Mobidram payment terminals, the amount will be activated on your card account within minutes.


  • When transferring accounts between accounts in different currencies, the conversion is made at the current exchange rate of the Bank at the time of the transaction.
  • During non-business days and hours depositing transactions to the accounts are made available in full amount, and commissions and / or accrued interest (if any) are charged from the account when the transactions are registered with the Bank within the next business day. Therefore, please be careful, as there are possible cases of overdraft of the card account, if the commissions to be charged at the time of transaction with the Bank and / or the accumulated interest amount exceed the account balance. This provision is regulated by the terms of provision and service of payment cards provided by the Bank.
  • If the customer has an overdue or written off liability, the incoming transactions to the card accounts during non-business hours and days will be activated on the next business day.
  • If the customer has an unfulfilled obligation for the JACE service, the card account is not replenished.

To make a mandatory repayment of the credit line of the Card account, to make a repayment in an interest-free period or to ensure the repayment at the end of the credit line through ACBA ONLINE system, ACBA Mobile mobile application or cash terminals, automated banking machines, it is necessary to complete the transaction before 18:00 on the day of repayment.

Tellcell, Idram and Mobidram

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