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When to apply factoring?
You are a seller (exporter) and:
• You are working with a number of permanent buyers (importers);
• You are trying to act with more competitive terms and conditions, offering a deferred payment term (e.g. prolongation of payment for up to 90 days) and to increase the volumes of your sales;
• You have accounts receivable but periodically some financial difficulties arise and it is required to get cash funds;
• You are ready to “sell” your accounts receivable and to cash the money to be received in future against a certain payment.

ACBA BANK offers applying financing (factoring) against the waiver of the claim for money and short-term financing of RA exporters in the frames of collaboration with “Export insurance agency of Armenia”.
Factoring is financing the seller (exporter) against the waiver by the client of the claim for money against the debtor resulted from supplying to the third party (the borrower) goods, from performing works for the borrower or from providing him/her services by the seller (exporter).
Factoring is:
Alternative option of financing that does not entail a new liability;
Financing without mandatory collateral;
Method of converting accounts receivable into cash funds;
Method of managing accounts receivable, risks and cash flows, attraction of financial resources by using the solvency of the buyer.
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