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Securities trading

The Bank provides you with securities trading (brokerage services) in RA securities market in Bank’s name and on your behalf or in your name and on your behalf on the basis of your instruction.

Taking advantage of the brokerage services provided by the Bank, you have the opportunity to invest in securities listed (quoted) in the NASDAQ OMX Armenia Stock Exchange, as well as in securities circulating in the RA non-regulated securities market.

You can get familiar with the terms of brokerage services provided by the Bank with the following links:

  1. The procedure of the provision of brokerage service in securities market
  2. Sample of brokerage service contract
  3. Tariffs for brokerage services (valid from 12.03.2018)
  4. Description of potential risks associated with investing in securities
  5. Policy for the restriction of conflicts of interests of the Bank and customer
  6. Questionnaire on investment experience and knowledge
  7. Consolidation of professional client classification
  8. List of persons authorized by a legal entity within the framework of brokerage services
  9. Application for deposit funds and trading blockage of securities
  10. Securities buying/selling order N__ (for secondary market)
  11. Securities buying/selling order N__ (for primary market)
  12. Notice of rejection of the order
  13. Request for suspension of the order
  14. Transaction Report

Brokerage services are provided by the Bank on the basis of the contract concluded with the customer. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period and provides unilateral termination by the customer, provided that he/she informs the Bank at least 10 days in advance.

Attention: The customer bears all the credit, market and liquidity risks related to investment in securities for the transactions executed in accordance with the conditions specified in the assignment. The Bank will not compensate the losses incurred by the customer if they have not been caused by the Bank as a result of unfair conduct.

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