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The Annual General Meeting Bank's Shareholders 2024

The Annual General Meeting of "ACBA BANK" OJSC' Shareholders of 2024 will be held on 14th of May 2024 at "FOODPARK BY DOWNTOWN" at 15:00. Physically absent shareholders will have the opportunity to attend the annual general meeting and to vote by special means of communication in real time.

All shareholders of the Bank, regardless of the number of owned shares, who will be included in the Register of Shareholders of the Bank as of 15:30 of 29th of April 2024, will have the right to participate in the General Meeting and to receive annual dividends. The final decision on the payment of dividends will be made by the general meeting.

All shareholders of the Bank will receive the notice and all the necessary information on the Annual General Meeting via emails on 29th of April.

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