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Issuance of new AMD bonds

By No 90-4.2 decision of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK CJSC Board made on 03/11/2017, the Board of the Bank has approved the issuance of new bonds.

According to the Board decision, the issuance of the bonds will be carried out in accordance with the following main conditions:

  • Type of bonds - nominal coupon bonds;
  • Bond currency - AMD;
  • Total amount of issuance - AMD 1,000,000,000;
  • Nominal value of one bond - AMD 100,000;
  • Bond circulation term - 24 months;
  • Periodicity of coupon payment - semiannual;
  • Number of bonds - 10,000 units;
  • Bonds are subject to listing at NASDAQ OMX Armenia OJSC
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