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Dear customer,

As part of its mission to provide innovative solutions to customers, “ACBA BANK” OJSC will carry out renovation and technology equipment improvement works at its “Yeritasardakan” branch (address: Yerevan, Abovyan 36 # 49). For this purpose “Yeritasardakan” branch will be temporarily closed starting from August 22nd 2022. Estimated duration of the temporary closure is one month, the specific date of the branch’s reopening will be communicated additionally.

Branch’s customers may receive full services of the Bank at any of its branches. The closest branches to the “Yeritasardakan” branch are:
  • “Sayat-Nova” (Yerevan, Sayat-Nova 8, area 21/1 and Abovyan 22, area 1/1)
  • “Opera” (Yerevan, Mashtots 42, 17/1)
  • “Teryan” (Sayat Nova 7, area 12)
As well as kindly note that Bank’s customers may also carry out transactions via the “ACBA DIGITAL” application.

Should you have any questions with respect to this notice, please contact us at (010) 31-88-88. Thank you for using “ACBA BANK” OJSC’s services.

Best regards,
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Acba bank is supervised by the CBA.
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