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Achievements of the Bank

About the bank

Starting from 1996 up to now Acba bank has registered dynamic growth rates and is currently one of the largest and financially sustainable banks in Armenia.

Due to its financial stability and reliability, the Bank has gained a good reputation and trust both in Armenia, as well as in the international financial arena.

Various international, financial and agricultural organizations have shown great interest and willingness to cooperate with the Bank. There are also favorable conditions for cooperation with international organizations because some of them view the bank as a financial instrument and the other part as an instrument for implementing agricultural programs.

The Bank's activities were originally aimed at financing Armenia's agriculture. In 1996, the bank provided only short-term seasonal agricultural loans. In the years following its establishment, the bank has also gradually extended loans for non-agricultural programs in rural areas and, since 1999, for small and medium-sized businesses. Currently the bank offers a variety of universal credit products and is one of the leaders among Armenian banks in terms of volume of credit investments in real economy. Credit investments are central to the bank's long-term development plans.

The bank has been recognized as the Best Bank of the Year in Armenia for five years (2000, 2001, 2002, 2006 and 2008) by the reputable British Financial Times Magazine, and by the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Republic of Armenia and the Central Bank jointly, it has been recognized as the best dealer in the government bond market for 4 years.

German Commerzbank AG awarded Acba bank the Quality Excellence Award for ensuring high quality of international transfers in 2010. International transfers made by Acba bank comply with international STP (Straight Through Processing) standards, i.e. all transfers are made automatically, excluding human intervention, which ensures maximum transfer speed. Acba bank STP index made 99.3% in 2010.

Acba bank continues to be the first of its kind by tradition and in 2011 for the first time in the history of the Armenian banking system, the credit portfolio of Acba bank exceeded AMD 100 billion.

The Bank is the leader in the banking system of Armenia by the size of its total capital. Also as of December 2012, in the banking system of the Republic of Armenia the Bank ranks first by the size of its assets, capital, credit portfolio, including the agricultural credit portfolio.

Acba bank operates in all regions of Armenia.

Today, the Bank provides a variety of banking services: opening and servicing of bank accounts, money transfers, provision of nominal checkbooks, currency exchange, bank guarantees, documentary letters of credit, as well as provision of commercial, installment, educational, consumer, mortgage, renovation, agricultural loans, issuance and servicing of international VISA, MasterCard, American Express® Gold, American Express® Blue and local ArCa plastic cards
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Acba bank is supervised by the CBA.
82-84 Aram Street, Yerevan, Armenia
E-mail: acba@acba.am